Slide Marketing Personalization A science-based approach to building customer loyalty, growing your brand, and driving incremental sales.

Our Philosophy

Inspired by thought leader Mark Ritson, and drawing from the fundamental laws of marketing laid out by Byron Sharp and the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, we have developed machine learning algorithms tailored to emulate the science of marketing. Like an architect must understand the laws of physics, effective data science in the marketing space must adhere to the data-driven evidence that proves these laws and provides a reliable and repeatable model for success.

What We Do

We live in a world where personalized marketing is required. When it comes to mass marketing in this segmented world, reaching your less loyal customers is just as important – if not more so – than reaching your most die-hard fans. The proof is in the data, and it tells us a story that in many ways flies in the face of traditional marketing dogma.

Marketing Personalization

Mysteriously, when it comes to mass marketing, the biggest opportunity for growth comes from your non-loyal customers. Time-series modeling of a customer journey gives us a better view of who your customers are, and how they got there, for a more precise implementation of mass marketing.

Media Mix Modeling

Quantify the impact of individual marketing investment to the total business outcome; simulate the maximal output for a pre-determined marketing input/effort; and determine the minimum marketing spend that achieves a desired target output (e.g. revenue). Reallocate spends for maximum effectiveness.

CDP Integrations

Leverage the power of Customer Data Platforms to get more and better data, on more customers.

  • More data on more customers
  • Better data on more customers
  • Reach additional customers
  • Add additional ‘marketing’ and ‘offer’ channels.

The Customer Journey

Our “state-space” model quantifies customer behavior across multiple dimensions, and timescales, converting short-term sales activation into long-term brand growth. It does this by learning individual preferences and patterns of behavior and translating that data into better, stickier, offers that build and maintain loyalty over time.

Quantum ML

Quantum ML is the machine learning engine that serves as the backbone to our Marketing Analytics solution. Automated Machine Learning accelerates modeling, refines outcomes and dramatically reduces time to deployment.

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