Advanced Concepts

AI Chief Risk Officer (C.R.O.)

Machine Augmented Decision-making

Executives are faced with an overwhelming amount of data.
An AI used to identify and communicate data-driven events pertaining to business growth and risks, and capable of interacting directly with management teams.

Business Growth 

Factors that could improve margins and help commodity buyers grow long-term business:
  • Managing price risk, like buying raw materials at the right time and the right price.
  • Re-engineer products, or reformulate to meet consumer needs and reduce costs.
  • Adapt to consumer needs through either by premiumization or elevating product position.

Business Risk

Factors that could pose a negative or adverse affect to business operations and processes.
  • Actions of Government entities impacts operations and increase the cost of doing business.
  • Disruption in our manufacturing or distribution affects our ability to make and sell products.
  • Media could have a negative impact on our reputation and performance.
  • Increased competition leads to increased pricing pressure and declining margins.
  • Shift in consumer demand for our products could adversely affect our sales.
  • Key raw materials could be subject to significant price volatility.
  • Failure in our internal technology infrastructure could affect out day-to-day business and decision-making processes.

Vision: MainNet / AI Architecture

C.R.O. in Action

The avatar is receiving user questions live via voice input, converting that to text using speech recognition, and using AI NLP to find the best possible answer. 

For a given question, it uses text to speech and AI gesturing/ lip-sync to dynamically generate a voice answer, synced to physical gestures based on what fits that semantic text.