Slide Consulting and Pro Services Decades of experience providing Machine Learning and Analytics tools to Fortune 500 companies.
Generic Business Problems

Expert guidance and mathematical modeling from first principles thinking.

Marketing Science

Science-based marketing algorithms and solutions

  • Personalization Algorithms
  • Media Mix Modeling
  • CDP Integrations
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Quantitative Finance and Investing

Optimize your investment returns with ML.

  • Trading Strategies
  • Automated Trading Integration
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Generic Quantitative Analysis
Data Engineering

Leading data and infrastructure technology.

  • Data Integrations
  • Public or Private Cloud Infrastructure
  • Distributed Database (Cassandra/Redis)
  • Data Lake Deployments
  • Hardware Acceleration using FPGAs
Machine Learning

Advanced Machine Learning across sectors.

  • Customer Algorithm Development
  • Trading Strategy Engineering
  • Tensorflow, SKLearn, Deep Learning, Neural Nets
  • Natural Language Processing
Charting and Visualization

Custom UI development for better insights.

  • Custom D3 and Angular
  • Integrations (Tableau, Power BI, etc)
  • Legacy Front End System Support (jQuery, Flask, etc)