Slide Commodity Analytics Predictive Analytics for Commodity Buyers, Powered by Automated Machine Learning

Commodity Buying with AI

You’re looking to reduce acquisition costs, manage your demand/budget and mitigate risk. We’ve designed the first-ever, end-to-end automated machine learning workflow for commodity buyers, allowing your trading teams and risk managers to integrate AI at every level.

Global Data Governance

Unlock thousands of data sources, in real-time, for an up-to-date and holistic view of changing market dynamics.

Trading and Risk Analytics

Quantify and understand what’s driving price movement of commodities critical to your supply chain and operations.

Predictive AI/ML Engine

Harness a suite of predictive indicators and advanced charting features through our web-based dashboard and API.

Trading Strategy Engineering

Rapidly design and prototype trading strategies that meet your unique trading parameters and objectives.

Order Execution Optimization

Integrate your trading strategy with order execution. Use AI to source liquidity from multiple markets and execute orders.

What is “end-to-end” AI?

End-to-end means that at every stage of a conventional workflow, AI and Automated Machine Learning is being used to optimize for speed, efficiency, predictive capability, tracking and performance. It allows the user to ingest massive of amounts of data and – critical to trading – understand what’s driving prices, and incorporate this into a buying/hedging strategy that can be executed to meet daily buying goals and objectives.

Commodity Workflow

Machine-augmented decision-making

Dynamic business demands and trading objectives call for the unique arrangement of charting components and associated API’s. We custom-tailor on the front-end, and in the back-end, to address these evolving business and system requirements. 

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Liquidity Fill Analysis shows market volume, and depth, so you know exactly how much volume can be executed with minimal impact to price.

Order Execution Optimization

Enable pinpoint market execution

For risk managers, we help pinpoint market entry by coordinating AI and ML algorithms, and use a robust back-end architecture to analyze market depth across multiple exchanges – in real-time – to derive true liquidity and optimum fill price.

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